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Automated warehouse, boosting logistics, intelligent
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As the development of science and technology changes with each passing day, the production and management of mechanization and automation have replaced the past human labor, and modern industrial production has shown a trend of socialization, specialization and centralization. Mechanical automation technology and the rapid development of the logistics industry has brought the gospel to the warehouse, to ensure the realization of intelligent information technology, modern logistics, to improve the storage volume at the same time also greatly reduce the work efficiency, which makes the automated warehouse is widely used in industrial production and management of material distribution of goods. 

Automated warehouse can effectively increase the storage space and facilitate the flow of goods. It plays an important role in industrial production and logistics distribution. As a storage warehouse storage space not only has a role in the industrial production and logistics, warehouse relay as the procurement of goods transportation and distribution of the station, if can from the management to improve efficiency, but also can greatly promote the progress of production. For warehouse planning, must be in the materials into when they should be divided according to direction, the types of materials and other aspects, in order to improve the efficiency in management, the storage rack has put forward higher requirements, the appearance of the three-dimensional warehouse of automation is a good solution to this problem, compared with the traditional warehouse, warehouse automation has the following advantages: 

First, save the storage area of the warehouse, and make the warehouse space fully utilized. The assembling of automated warehouse using large-scale storage shelf, coupled with the automatic management technology makes the goods easy to find, so the construction of automated warehouse than traditional warehouse covers an area of small, but large space utilization rate. In developed countries, improving the utilization of space has been regarded as an important assessment index of system rationality and progressiveness. In the promotion of energy saving and environmental protection today, the automated three-dimensional warehouse in the conservation of land resources has a very good effect, but also will make the future development of warehousing a major trend.

Two,automation management improves the management level of warehouse. The automated warehouse uses the computer to carry on the accurate information management to the goods information, reduced the mistake which possibly occurs in the storage goods, enhanced the work efficiency. At the same time, the stereoscopic automatic warehouse inventory of goods in transit to realize mechanization, handling safety, reduce the rate of damaged goods, through special design can be well preserved environment so that some have special requirements on environmental goods, such as toxic and explosive goods, also reduced the people may be in handling goods damage.

Three, automated warehouse can form an advanced production chain, and promote the progress of productivity. Because the access efficiency of the automated warehouse is high, so it can effectively connect the field production warehouse logistics system, can be formed in the automated storage, thus forming a planned layout of the production chain, the production capacity has been greatly improved.

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