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In contrast to previous generations of Pathfinder cross-border SUV, 2013 new cars took more of the advice of Nissan's experts at the North American Technology Center (NTCNA) in the city of Michigan, dayton.

Nissan North America Inc R & D Senior Vice President Carla Bailo said: "the previous generation of Pathfinder Xterra and Pathfinder Frontier, is a fusion of three cars, three cars from the same batch of Japanese designers on the same platform developed. This time, we separated the development of the three cars, and participated in the appearance and performance design of the new car from the beginning of the project. All the numerical analysis and physical tests were carried out by NTCNA."

Nissan's engineers are responsible for the development of the new Pathfinder platform, including chassis components and powertrain, and its final commissioning is transmitted to the Nissan North American Technology Center (NTCNA) engineer. Bailo said that in the next three years, NTCNA engineers from scratch and gradually grasp the platform and powertrain technology.

The entry type new fourth generation Pathfinder S and SV 136 kg weight loss, high SL model and the top version of Premium weight 227 kg.

Deputy chief engineer Dan Heur Pathfinder said: "the most important improvement car (weight loss), reduced due to the introduction of the bearing body and engine size. In addition, the weight of the CVT transmission is less than that of the previous generation's five shift automatic transmission."

2012 Pathfinder engine is divided into 5.6 liter V8 (maximum power of 310 horsepower /5200; maximum torque of 526 nm /3400) and a 4 liter V6 (266 horsepower /5600; 390 nm /4000) two. 2013 new Pathfinder by a 3.5 liter V6 engine, maximum power of 260 horsepower /6400, maximum torque of 325 nm /4400 collocation, a new generation of Xtronic CVT gearbox provided by Jatco.

In the new Pathfinder weight loss program, high strength steel, lighter front and rear axles, and more efficient air conditioning systems also play an important role.

According to the NTCNA body design senior manager David Coakley said, the new Pathfinder uses high strength steel position including the A column, B column, door pedal, front rail, car central beam, beam, longitudinal beam (on the back end of the car door above) and B column roof beam.

The use of high strength steel for engineers to reduce the weight at the same time, to ensure that consumers looking for this kind of SUV vehicle collision safety, enough noise and vibration level and body torsional stiffness.

According to Coakley, the torsional rigidity of the 2013 Pathfinder has increased by about 60% compared to the 2012 model. Aerodynamic performance has also improved, with the drag factor reduced from 2012 to 0.38 of the new model by 0.34.

The latest Pathfinder and the 2013 Infiniti JX luxury SUV have a lot in common, which began selling in the US market in April 2012.

"The two models are built on the same platform and share many parts of the powertrain, but the two are also very different," Heur said. They have their own unique body panels, and the main parts of the interior are also different."

"EZ Flex Seating" is a special seat folding mechanism of JX and Pathfinder, with "Latch and Glide" patented technology, "a unique assembly structure of passenger side of the second row seat, practical extension seat," said Heur.

"Latch and Glide" function allows the seat back cushion and seat backrest until overturned, contact, after the two move forward at the same time; if the seat is installed on the child seat, then the seat will go forward dumping a certain angle, and the whole slide forward 381 mm, the driver without temporary unload the child seat. In the two case, it is easier to form a larger channel by the back, so that the third passengers are more comfortable.

NTCNA engineers also used Latch and Glide, a total of 27 new invention patents on the new Pathfinder.

"The patent technology represents a number of innovations in vehicle development, reflect and meet the requirements of the body structure, aerodynamic and weight control, convenient use, high sense of design requirements of interior components," said Heur. In addition, the platform and powertrain have a lot of patent technology, in addition to the above mentioned content, there are many patents originated from Japan technology center in the early stage of work.

The precursor Pathfinder weight 1882 kg, city / highway fuel for the 11.76L/9.05L; four-wheel drive version of the car weighs 1946 kg, fuel consumption is 12.38L/9.41L, its intelligent four-wheel drive system 2WD, automatic, 4WD three models, more than 2012 models of saving 30%.

The new Pathfinder has a length of 5001 millimeters, a width of 1768 millimeters, and a towing capacity of 2270 kilograms. The whole assembly work completed by Nissan in Smyrna, Tennessee City plant, Nissan engine is in the state of Tennessee City, the manufacturing plant in decherd.

The car starts at $28270 and is sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico this fall, and other countries' export plans will be announced later.

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