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About us

One、the service concept:
The principle of "user first, quality first, service first"; highly responsible attitude towards users and society; regard the needs and development of users as their own undertakings.

Two、after-sales service commitment
1、arrival notice
We will deliver the goods according to the time of delivery as stipulated in the detailed equipment list and specifications.
Upon arrival of the goods at the buyer's firm, the buyer and we shall inspect the quantity of the goods on the basis of the goods supply list. If any obvious damage is found, the Seller shall be responsible for the replacement. Upon completion of the inspection, both parties sign the goods receipt and indicate the date of arrival. When the goods are delivered to the user and signed the receipt of the goods, according to the agreed time, we and the buyer jointly check the goods out of the box, and check the quality of goods by item. If the quality and technical specifications of the goods supplied do not meet the requirements of the contract, we shall be responsible for the replacement of the goods free of charge.

2、after-sales service commitment
Our company makes the following commitment to the quality guarantee of the tender goods:
System warranty phase: after the acceptance of the project, the warranty phase. During this period, we are responsible for the free replacement of the product and system commissioning, until the requirements are met due to the quality problems of the equipment and system provided by us.

System maintenance stage: after the end of the warranty of the system, our company will carry out lifelong maintenance plan for the system, for the damage to the system due to staff improper operation caused by human factors, we will collect the appropriate maintenance costs to be restored, at the same time for system expansion needs of customers, after the party, I will provide free software upgrade support provide technical solutions and the most preferred.

Use: equipment delivery, failure occurs during the warranty period, if the equipment because of quality problems, our company is responsible for free replacement of equipment; after receiving the user notification within 2 hours after the response, according to the user's requirements and regular equipment maintenance and maintenance.

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