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China Internet of things "12th Five-Year" development plan announced
Source: | Author:jikong | Publish time: 2017-07-22 | 13 Views | Share:
Yesterday, the Ministry of industry website published on the "Internet of things" in 12th Five-Year "development plan" notice, and attached to the "Internet of things" in 12th Five-Year "development plan" full text. Planning pointed out that the Internet of things has become one of the strategic heights of the new round of economic and Technological Development in the world, and the development of Internet of things has important practical significance for promoting economic development and social progress.

At present, the development of Internet of things in China is at the same stage with the whole world. It has a certain foundation of technology, industry and application, and shows a good development trend. At present, China's Internet of things has been applied in security, power, transportation, logistics, medical, environmental protection and other fields, and the application model is becoming increasingly mature. In addition, the Internet of things has also been widely used in environmental monitoring, municipal facilities monitoring, building energy conservation, food and drug traceability, and so on. According to incomplete statistics, the size of China's Internet of things market in 2010 was close to 200 billion yuan. "Planning" pointed out that by 2015, China should be the core technology development and industrialization, the key standard of research and development, establish and improve the industrial chain, major demonstration and promotion has achieved remarkable results, the initial formation of innovation driven, application of traction, joint development, safe and controllable networking development pattern. Key areas of application demonstration projects include intelligent industries, intelligent agriculture, intelligent logistics, intelligent transportation, smart grid, intelligent environmental protection, intelligent security, intelligent medical, smart home and other fields.
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